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advice to businesses and lawyers

Advice to businesses

For businesses, of course, the wisest course is not just to seek assistance in legal disputes, but to avoid such disputes in the first place as far as possible. That’s why the starting point for our services is advice on both everyday decisions and extremely complex and even strategic matters, for large and small businesses alike.

You can rely on us for advice on various subjects and at a competitive price, tailored to your business. Feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Advice to lawyers

Such is the complexity of the law, including ever-evolving case law, that it is virtually impossible for lawyers to keep up with all its different branches. With the numerous specialised lawyers in our team, we have the expertise in-house to offer the best possible defence in even the most complex cases.

We are therefore regularly asked by colleagues for assistance in cases requiring specific expertise that the lawyer concerned lacks or has to an insufficient degree. Such assistance can range from providing technical advice to support in conducting specific proceedings (for example, before the Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights).

If you are a lawyer handling a case for which you would like our assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cassation proceedings in criminal cases

In criminal cases, a lawyer must hold a certificate of special training in cassation proceedings in criminal cases in order to file a cassation appeal and prepare a cassation statement.

Our firm currently has two lawyers who meet this condition: Stefaan Sonck and Wahib El Hayouni.

Although the average success rate of cassation proceedings in criminal cases is rather low, we achieve far better results thanks to our thorough analysis and in-house expertise, and we do so at competitive rates.

If you are a lawyer in need of assistance with conducting cassation proceedings, it’s best to contact us during the cassation period, even if you yourself have the required licence to lodge the cassation appeal.

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