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debt recovery

There can be no doubt of the value of getting help from a lawyer with collecting payment on your invoices, whether there are large outstanding items or a pile of smaller unpaid bills whose combined effect is damaging to your business.

Our firm has many years of debt recovery expertise to offer to companies and the self-employed. We adopt a comprehensive approach in this area, from drafting smart terms and conditions that help prevent annoying problems and deter defaulters, through to the collection (by legal proceedings if necessary) of the sums you are owed.

We aim to get results at a competitive price, tailored to your business. Together we will ensure that overdue invoices are paid as soon as possible, at minimal cost.

Since 1 July 2016, we have also been able to use the so-called ‘IOS procedure’ for the recovery of undisputed debts: you can read more about this here (NL).

Read more about business law.

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