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Alexandra Schouteden

Junior employee
In January 2018 Alexandra Schouteden was sworn in as a lawyer at the Ghent Bar. She then immediately began her internship at Van Steenbrugge Advocaten. Alexandra specialises in criminal law.

Alexandra Schouteden

criminal law

Alexandra Schouteden graduated with a master’s in law from Antwerp University in 2017. During her studies, she focused on civil law and international and European law. Inspired by human rights, she decided to work as a volunteer for international organisations working on children’s rights at home and abroad.
There seemed no better way to put her legal studies into practice than to become a lawyer. With an open mind and driven by her international experiences, Alexandra developed a special interest in criminal law, where, mindful of human rights, she always fights actively for her client’s interests.
In addition to criminal law, Alexandra gradually developed an interest in sports law under the supervision of Walter Van Steenbrugge. In the first instance, she tries to solve problems through intensive negotiation, the techniques of which she is well versed in, rather than end up in a conflict situation. Her thoroughness and perseverance make her a great asset to VSA Sports.
Alexandra Schouteden’s vision and drive are fully in line with Van Steenbrugge Advocaten, and she has been part of the team since November 2017.

Degrees and qualifications

Master’s in law, Antwerp University, 2017


Van Steenbrugge Advocaten


Registered at the Ghent Bar since 2018


Legal advice for perpetrators and victims of crime
General and specialised criminal law

Human rights
Capital offences
Sex offences
Sports law


Dutch, French, English, Spanish, German


0032 (0)9 269 10 69
[email protected]
personal assistant: Aurélie Depré, [email protected] – 0032 (0)9 269 10 63