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Senior Legal Counsel
Johan Vande Lanotte has built up extensive experience and expertise as an associate professor of
constitutional law and as a director. As a Senior Legal Counsel, he works on the internationalization of
VSA and directly challenges the young talented team of lawyers. He urges the office to also analyze
social issues "out-of-the-box" in order to broaden the perspective and gather knowledge. He does this in
the field of human rights as well as in the field of corporate law.

Johan Vande Lanotte

corporate law

At the end of 2018, Johan Vande Lanotte decided to say goodbye to politics after the the elections of 26 May 2019 to concentrate fully on the law. In addition to being a successful politician, Johan Vande Lanotte is Minister of State, associate professor of constitutional law and human rights at the University of
Ghent, a basketball player and poetry enthusiast.

The law firm is increasingly experiencing the need to defend human rights and is fully taking on that challenge. Johan Vande Lanotte uses his expertise in the field of constitutional law and human rights in order to participate in the international expansion of the office.

Johan is also active in the field of corporate law, one of the specializations of Van Steenbrugge Advocaten. As a former Minister of Economy and initiator of the Economic Law Code, he will actively support our corporate team.

More generally, Johan will be the coach of the young, talented team at the office. He pushes them to get off the beaten track, challenges them to think "out-of-the-box" and enables them to approach law from a broader, more social perspective.


Doctorate in Law, Ghent University, 1986
Doctoral thesis: “The necessary decentralization? Comparative law study into the possibilities, basic
characteristics and public design of decentralization at an intermediary level within the Belgian context”,
awarded the Prize of the Belgian Institute of Public Administration, 1986.
Licentiate in Law, Free University of Brussels, 1981
Degree in Political and Social Sciences, University of Antwerp, 1978


Lawyer of the Ghent bar (1986 – 1987)
Deputy Auditor in the Raad van State (1989)
Auditor in the Raad van State (1989 – 1990)
Lecturer in Law at the Free University of Brussels (1988 – 1991)
Associate professor of constitutional law & human rights at the University of Ghent (1991- now)
(1991- nu)
Head of Department of constitutional law at the University of Ghent (1991 – nu)
Co-founder of the human rights centre at the University of Ghent (2004)
Political career of 30 years, including 13 years as Deputy Prime Minister (1988 – 2018)
Holder of the Francqui Chair at the Law Faculty of Hasselt University (2019)


Constitutional law
Human rights
Administrative law
Negotiation and mediation


Dutch, French, English

International Human Rights Law, in particular, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

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Belgian Constitutional and Administrative Law:

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A non-exhaustive list of publications. You can find the complete bibliography of Johan Vande Lanotte on: the website of the Ghent University.


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